Learn how to visualize your Elasticsearch data with Kibana!

In this course, you learn how to work with the Kibana data visualization tool from the ground up. In the first part, we show you how to search the data writing queries in Kibana’s standard query language. This includes different types of queries such as keyword, phrase, range, or regex queries. We also demonstrate how you can create filters to narrow down the search results. The second part focuses on the creation of data visualizations as well as the pros and cons of different visualization types. Finally, in the last part you learn how to build beautiful Kibana dashboards to attract the attention of your audience.


4 hours

Delivery Method





This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in working with Kibana . No prior knowledge of Kibana is necessary.

What is included

4 hours instructor-led course, completed with slide handouts.


The price per trainee is CHF 350.- (max 10 participants).*


Please contact if you are interested to book the course or if you have any questions.

* All prices are without tax. Trainer travel cost will be charged on top of the price. Clarification of all open questions that cannot be answered in the course as well as the preparation of additional material will be charged at our standard rate of CHF 190.-



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